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Create skills and training matrices instantly, across any aspect of your organisation.

SkillStation skills matrix software provides the perfect complement to your competency and performance management processes.

Powerful skills matrix generation

Determine whether your people have the knowledge, skills and experience to complete tasks and processes.

  • Create a skills matrix for any part(s) of your organisation
  • Select from hard skills, soft skills, behaviours and/or attitudes
  • Select people from anywhere in the organisation, e.g.
    • Line / Shift / Department / Site
    • Job role (e.g. Managers / Team Leaders / Supervisors)
    • Everyone
  • Instant access to all data supporting data
Skills matrix and training matrix example

Ensure people have the values and behaviours to perform their duties in accordance with the standards defined by the organisation.

Job role/function skills matrix

Easily create skills and training matrices based on job role/function, or against individuals (e.g. role models).

Job role-based skills matrix and training matrix example
  • Perform effective succession planning by comparing leavers to best-match individuals
  • Highlight potential and identify the next team leader
  • Save money by internally-recruiting people based on closest-fit
  • Find skill gaps and see upskilling requirements against job role/function targets

Streamline, standardise and automate your skills matrix processes.

  • Get automatic notifications of expiry and recertification dates
  • Record multiple training and assessment events, including re-training and refresher dates
  • Ensure standardisation of outcomes

Skills & Training Matrices

A skills/training matrix is a common approach used to record and report against training and development activity.

These are useful tools to focus on records of training, attendance, knowledge & understanding, and most importantly, competence. A skills matrix will provide a high-level view of this data across selected parts of the organisation, and allow managers to quickly identify both gaps and strengths.

Your chosen solution for creating skills and training matrices must also enable you to have visibility of the supporting data. Aspects such as training dates, certification, and expiry/re-training dates must also be included, in order to allow effective management of training and competence. Many Training and Development Managers also include behavioural skills in their competency frameworks, further enriching their skills matrices.

Once in-place, your competency framework and skills matrices will drive your organisation towards intuitive and fast competency management, and competency-based recruitment.

Think Eleven have worked with clients across all sectors, to help define and create competency frameworks and skills matrices. Please contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our competency experts.

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