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Transform organisational performance through your people.

Optimise your training & development activities, and the resulting increase in skills, knowledge, competence and capability. SkillStation provides you with the visibility over every aspect of your people and talent, using intuitive and powerful competency management modules that provide robust and assessed evidence of competence.

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Training, skills and competency records

Informative views of individual training records, including:

  • Competencies
  • Training
  • Assessments and results
  • Supporting documentation/evidence
  • Re-training or expiry dates
  • Historical data

Structure your competency framework based around:

  • Organisation-wide
  • Regions, sites or departments
  • Job roles or responsibilities
  • Policies and/or procedures
  • Ad-hoc skills
  • Or a combination of any/all of the above
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Effective Competency Assessment

Leverage the value between being trained, and being competent.

  • Perform observations and assessments online or offline, or both
  • Create simple, or in-depth assessment strategies for each skill, for example:
    • Training course attendance, plus
    • Practical observation, plus
    • Online quiz
  • Set different target levels based on job role/function
  • Report on all historic training and assessments
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Customisable competency reporting, dashboards, and gap analysis

Report against every aspect of your competency framework, including:

  • Regions, sites, departments or individuals
  • Job roles, job functions, or responsibilities
  • Specific skill(s)
  • Or any cross-section of the above

Find competencies, gaps, and high-risk areas across all, or any part of your workforce. View your data visually and in-depth.

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Competency reporting & skills matrices

Produce a training & skills matrix for any combination of people, skills and/or job functions.

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Historical and supporting evidence

View all historical assessment results, plus supporting documentation such as certificates, qualifications, or assessment forms.

Link to documentation within your infrastructure, and trigger re-assessments when documents expire, or new versions become available.

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Person's action plan

Promote ownership and team development

Empower your workforce to view their capabilities, and take ownership of their development and progression.

Software privileges and remits can be defined for each supervisor, manager, auditor, or team leader.

Automatic reminders

Ensure that important dates are never missed, with helpful automatic email reminders regarding expiry, re-training/re-assessment, and performance reviews.

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Easily accessible

Access SkillStation from any internet-enabled device, including desktops, smartphones, or tablet devices.

The complete competency management solution

SkillStation provides all the functionality you need for competency management. The following software modules can also be included, ensuring that you only invest in what you actually need:

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