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Sales and Marketing eLearning Courses

69 found:

Course title Publisher Training duration
Additional Selling Techniques Skillshub 25 Minutes
Awareness of Your Competition Skillshub 25 Minutes
Bid Writing e-learning WMB 30 Minutes
Building brands that drive growth Wavelength Marketing 70 Minutes
Closing the Sale Maguire Training 45 Minutes
Coding in the Digital Marketplace e-learning WMB 40 Minutes
Conducting Great Online Demos and Sales Calls Vado 1 hour 30 minutes
Confidently Closing The Sale Skillshub 25 Minutes
Consultative Selling Maguire Training 49 Minutes
Creating Interest with Features & Benefits Skillshub 25 Minutes
CRM an Introduction e-learning WMB 40 Minutes
Delivering a Media Pitch e-learning WMB 1 Hour 20 Minutes
Delivering Brand-Driven Growth Wavelength Marketing 5 Hours
Delivering Brand-Driven Growth: Key Principles Wavelength Marketing 25 Minutes
Delivering Great Web Presentations Toolkit Vado 1 hour 30 minutes
Delivering maximum value through brands Wavelength Marketing 34 Minutes
Digital and Social Media Strategies e-learning WMB 1 Hour
Effectively Offering The Solution Skillshub 25 Minutes
Engaging & Aligning Your C-Suite with Brands Wavelength Marketing 20 Minutes
Essential Marketing Maguire Training 27 Minutes
Excellent Customer Service Maguire Training 26 Minutes
Gaining Agreement & Commitment Maguire Training 33 Minutes
Implementing Marketing Strategy Maguire Training 32 Minutes
Introduction to Data Science Filtered 4 Hours
Introduction to Fundraising e-learning WMB 30 Minutes
Introduction to Marketing e-learning WMB 25 Minutes
Making Sales Appointments Maguire Training 49 Minutes
Managing Accounts for Growth Maguire Training 49 Minutes
Managing Customer Relationships Maguire Training 19 Minutes
Managing Sales Meetings Maguire Training 21 Minutes
Managing Sales Team Meetings Maguire Training 35 Minutes
Maximising Incoming Business Maguire Training 33 Minutes
Measuring brand-driven growth effectively Wavelength Marketing 12 Minutes
Negotiation Skills - Gain the Skills to Become an Effective Negotiator 100pc Effective 1 hour 40 minutes
Negotiation Skills for Buyers Maguire Training 34 Minutes
Negotiation Strategies Maguire Training 36 Minutes
Online Marketing - The Basics Maguire Training 35 Minutes
Opening the Sale Maguire Training 42 Minutes
Organising Events e-learning WMB 45 Minutes
Overcoming Objections Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Overcoming Objections In the Buying Process Skillshub 25 Minutes
Phone Calls, Emails & Internet Sales Skillshub 25 Minutes
Predictable Revenue Lead Generation: Nets (Inbound Marketing) Vado 1 hour 30 minutes
Predictable Revenue Lead Generation: Seeds (Customer Success) Vado 1 hour 30 minutes
Predictable Revenue Lead Generation: Spears (Outbound Prospecting) Vado 1 hour 30 minutes
Predictable Revenue: An Introduction Vado 1 hour 30 minutes
Questioning & Listening Skills Maguire Training 46 Minutes
Retail Skills Academy Skillshub 7 Hours 30 Minutes
Sales Pathway Training Learning Planet 1 Hour
Sales, Time and Territory Management Maguire Training 26 Minutes
Search Engine Optimisation e-learning WMB 1 Hour
Selling Features and Benefits Maguire Training 26 Minutes
Selling into the Future Maguire Training 37 Minutes
Selling to Different Personality Types Maguire Training 29 Minutes
Selling To Multiple Decision Makers Maguire Training 39 Minutes
Telephone Techniques Maguire Training 38 Minutes
The Key To Improving Retail Sales Skillshub 25 Minutes
The Point of Sale Skillshub 25 Minutes
The Preparation & Structure of Negotiaton Maguire Training 39 Minutes
The Principles of an Effective Store Layout Skillshub 25 Minutes
The Psychology of Negotiation Maguire Training 32 Minutes
Understanding Your Market & Clients Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Understanding Your Target Customer(s) / Stakeholders Wavelength Marketing 1 Hour
Using NLP in Sales Maguire Training 35 Minutes
Using Powerful Sales Language Maguire Training 36 Minutes
Utilising Your Discovery Skills Skillshub 25 Minutes
Winning New Business Maguire Training 51 Minutes
Writing a Proposal e-learning WMB 45 Minutes
Writing Sales Proposals Maguire Training 15 Minutes

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