Software Integration

Link your software systems to your competency solution, for maximum effeciency and effectiveness

Increase automation and efficiency

Software system integration done correctly, can save time, reduce the risk of mistakes during data entry (human error), and introduce efficiencies for those involved.

This is a key consideration during the scoping and implementation process, where options to integrate systems will be identified and explored. Each will be reviewed on their own merits, and decisions taken to establish the value, impact and feasibility of integration.

Integration examples

Current examples of integration include:

  • Results from 3rd party Learning Management Systems (LMS) data being pushed into SkillStation.
  • HR-EMS employee data being updated in SkillStation e.g. new employees added, and leavers archived.
  • Linking to document control systems (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint), for related material links to Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions (Standard Operations), where changes to the document revision can trigger action in SkillStation (e.g. flag expiry and re-training)

We will happily discuss and review where system integration can add value within your systems architecture.

Don't just take our word for it; we're waiting to hear from you.