Competency Framework Guidance & Support

Expert and impartial advice; adding value and delivering a clear impact.

Structure and migration of data

Whatever your current situation, we can provide as much advice, guidance and support to help you reach your target. For example,

  • You have already developed your competency framework, and simply want us to review it and give you feedback?
  • You are migrating from simple training/skills matrices, and need us to support your transition to a fit-for-purpose, and robust competency framework?
  • You have training & competency data spread across many sources (e.g. spreadsheets, databases and/or old systems), and need help to combine them into a single source?
  • You already have a well-structured, well-managed framework, and need advice on replicating this into your software?
  • You simply don’t know where to start?

Your situation is not unique; we are here to help!

Pick and choose the help you need

Our friendly and experienced team have worked with clients of every size, across many sectors. Our framework support service is completely optional. We will give you as much, or as little help as you require.

Defining Competencies
We will collaborate with your leadership team, departmental managers, and subject matter experts to define the training, skills, knowledge and assessment strategies to determine that competence has been achieved.
Competency Library
We will share a variety of competency framework templates to suit your industry/sector and specific requirements. Where available, we will link to professional standards and best-practice.
We will advise on the structure and naming conventions within your competency framework, allowing you to quickly and easily identify skills and competencies across an evolving framework. Avoid the risk of duplication, and make your competency framework easy to navigate by all people.
Auditing & Optimising
We will review your training and assessment processes, and advise on enhancing these to organisational and/or industry requirements. This can present significant savings in terms of time, efficiency and cost to your organisation.
We will identify whether your training and development activities are eligible for local, regional or national funding, and advise on applications.
Knowledge Transfer
We will empower you to be self-sufficient and confident to create and develop your competency framework moving forward. Ensure it remains fit for purpose as your organisation and sector develops.

Don't just take our word for it; we're waiting to hear from you.