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People are your primary competitive advantage, and greatest asset. Competence is your key differentiator, and the life blood of your organisation’s growth and success.

By breaking the mould of conventional L&D approaches, your organisation will benefit from transformational change, simplified complexity, streamlined processes, all resulting in increased success.

This is more than a training or L&D exercise; it is strategic workforce development.

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Refine your approaches - achieve outstanding change

Successful organisations are built on strong foundations - competencies.

Our team are experts in all aspects of competence, including technical, behavioural (values), management, leadership and a range of professional functions. We’ve worked with leading organisations from a variety of sectors to help bring about positive and lasting change. We understand the pressures of industry, and the demands of quality, cost, delivery, and health & safety.

We will help you make positive change from the outset - let’s start your valuable and impactful journey.

Don’t be shy – we’re going to help you achieve amazing things!

It’s free to ask!

Our initial discussions are totally free and will help us to see what will make the biggest impact for you. There’s no obligation, and we’re very easy to talk to!

No hidden costs – ever.

We’re totally transparent about our time and costs. We will propose what we feel offers the best value, and you can pick just the bits you want. We’ll never send you an invoice for something that wasn’t previously agreed.

Transparent times - always

We’ll keep you fully updated of how much time we’ve committed to helping you. You can opt out at any time.

We’ve seen everything – really!

Some organisations aren’t comfortable to open up for help, perhaps due to problems such as bad internal politics, previously failed projects, cost limits, or perhaps your data is just in poor shape. Don’t worry, we won’t be shocked. Things will only get better from here!

Outstanding results

We’re going to make a big difference. Let’s start the journey now!

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Just the right amount of help

The different structures and expectations across organisations ensure that our support and guidance is bespoke to your requirements. We don’t sell recycled support packages or DIY manuals – because your organisation is too important to us.

Here is a sample of the guidance and support we will provide, all tailored around you:

Competency framework structure

Analyse your organisation and define a competency framework that aligns with your goals. Include skills based by sector, site, department, job role/function, duty, and even include ad-hoc (extremely specific) skills.

We can define this with you from scratch or help refine your existing framework. We help differentiate between training and competence, and define what "competent" actually means for your people.

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Assessment analysis

We will examine how staff are currently assessed (across any role or function) for both competence, skill, and/or knowledge and understanding.

We will then provide recommendations for tracking, monitoring, scoring and reporting, to ensure these assessments complement your competency framework, and allow you to breeze through audits. We can also help streamline these processes, to free up your time and reduce costs.

Competency dictionaries

We have many different collections of competencies that we can provide to help structure your framework, from a variety of industries and sectors.

Why not cherry-pick your skills from these collections to get a head start, saving you time and money.

Staff appraisals, performance reviews and talent management

We will help you create effective and efficient performance review templates and will even train you how to deliver an effective appraisal interview.

We will help you to identify the important points that should be established from a personal review, to increase morale and teambuilding, while also identifying areas for concern and improvement.

SkillStation integration

Save time and costs by reducing administrator burden, and also data accuracy to enabling your software systems to send/receive data automatically from SkillStation.

Synchronise your HR system key employee data, or your e-learning assessment outcomes with your competency data, to create a central repository for valuable information.

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SkillStation implementation

We will assist you with the deployment of your new SkillStation competency solution. We will encourage buy-in, localised ownership, and ensure that your reports deliver maximum return on investment.

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SkillStation training

Ensure that your super-users, and localised administrators (e.g. team leaders) or empowered to manage the competencies of their colleagues.

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