Competency Software Return on Investment

Streamline productivity, efficiency & safety, saving you time and money.

Competency software is an invaluable investment that guarantees returns.

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Improved Workforce Utilisation (WfU)

Global best practice for WfU is 85%, meaning that for every £1,000 of payroll, you get £850 of value back. What’s your current WfU, and would you like to achieve 85% or higher?

SkillStation will help you to deliver more output with the same resource, or equal output but with less resource. Who could say no to that?

SkillStation will allow you to instantly see every aspect of competence and non-competence in seconds. Highlight high-risk areas, demonstrate sufficient evidence to easily satisfy auditors, and devolve ownership to local levels to reduce administration.

Improved profit

On average, the top quarter firms who spend the most on training staff (£800 or more per employee) have around 24% higher profit margins than those that spend less per year.

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Schedule, manage and deliver training and resources for all your people. Assess knowledge and understanding, and monitor performance against defined standards or targets.

Improved safety

It is estimated that Health & Safety issues cost British employers between £3.3 and £6.5 billion each year, of which £910 to £3,710 million comes from accidental damage to property and equipment. The average cost of an accident at work is £46,000, not including the additional impact on the business.

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SkillStation will identify employees require training, who has demonstrated competence, and reduce the overall cost to your business by minimising the risk of an accident or incompetence.

Improved effeciency and processes

Recent figures have revealed the average recruitment cost of filling a vacancy is between £4,333 for a standard member of staff, rising to £21,000 for a senior manager or director.

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SkillStation will give you visibility of suitable candidates within the organisation, reducing the need to recruit externally. SkillStation has been specifically designed to support the planning and delivery of training, assessment, competence, compliance, and performance management, in a highly effective and intuitive online platform. It has been designed and developed with the end user in mind.

SkillStation will ensure your training budget is targeted and prioritised to have the greatest impact. Also, the evidence gathered will give you the confidence to defend any litigation e.g. Health & Safety. More importantly, your organisation will become more effective and efficient, as you’ll have the right people with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

The whole person

Aside from technical (job specific) skills and competencies, SkillStation can also assess and measure important personal attributes, such as values, attitudes and behaviours.

Improved output and impact

At best most organisations have a training matrix indicating that an activity has taken place, with little or no measure of competence. Training is important, but it does not always result in competence.

SkillStation is different by allowing you to configure each activity (training, knowledge, skill and competence) to be assessed in its own unique way. This will demonstrate that competency has been achieved and value added.

Improved audit results

SkillStation will equip you with all of the information and evidence to demonstrate that you have robust and reliable systems. Breeze through internal and external audits covering areas such as compliance, quality, regulatory, legislation, training records or competency.

Improved employee performance; delivering results

Allow your employees to objectively plan and improve their capability through structured and systematic performance appraisals. Combine information from employee skills and competency records whilst linking these to business objectives and key performance criteria, driving your organisation forward.

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