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Powerful and intuitive reporting for every aspect of competence, training & skills.


Identify your talent

Find all your competent people or subject matter experts, with relevant supporting evidence.

  • For specific or multiple skills
  • For job role, process, function, task or output
  • Includes certification and proficiency
  • Re-assessment dates where required
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Training Needs & Gap Analysis

Detect gaps and high-risk areas. View all aspects of non-competence and non-compliance, including:

  • Data gaps (e.g. non-existent data)
  • Expired competence or attainments
  • People who have not yet reached their target

Detailed evidence

Breeze through audits with instant access to all supporting evidence and documentation.

Optionally store the following documents against skills, training & competence records:

  • Certification
  • Attendance registers
  • Signed documentation
  • Cost and duration data
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Flexible searches

Interrogate your data in any way you need

  • By skill or skills
  • By any combination of people (individual or group-based)
  • By job role, task or function
  • Show results in detail, or in summaries with charts

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