Think Eleven Limited

Think Eleven are industry specialists in training, competence and compliance management. We help you deliver the results you need.

One better for competency management

We have extensive experience helping clients of all sizes, to build, manage and deploy training, competency and compliance solutions. We are dedicated to helping your organisation transform its performance through your most important asset; your people.

We will help you establish, monitor and improve your current capability by understanding the range and depth of skills, knowledge and competencies of your workforce. Once this picture is clear, we will work together to shape interventions and support – enhancing your success and improving the capability of your operation.

Eleven; a name chosen by our clients

We’re proud that during a company rebrand in 2014, our clients chose our name through 3rd party feedback. During a feedback exercise, we received numerous scores of 11 out of 10.

That’s why we are different, and ‘One Better’ than our competitors. We put you (our client) at the centre of everything we do.

The Eleven Ethos

The adoption of SkillStation is not just that of a system/process, but also an opportunity to change your approach and culture toward training, learning & development strategy. For example,

  • Moving from an approach of training to one of development; subtle - but quite different!
  • Adding assessments and monitoring to your processes, to avoid the assumption that trained = competent
  • Adopting a new vocabulary of development, competency and assessment
  • Ensuring that development delivers value, impact and improved performance

The Team

Our team have a wealth of experience across various sectors, from small organisations to large multinationals. Using our tailor-made SkillStation software, and a robust support offering, we provide the best competency, performance & management service available today.